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Freshmen in Engineering, Science, and Technology (FEST) is a freshman leadership organization at Texas A&M University that consists of 16 staff members (4 Executives and 12 Directors), 22 Bigs, and most importantly, 50 AWESOME FRESHMEN! FEST strives to instill leadership, social, and service qualities while developing lasting relationships among our members through various projects, events, and opportunities.


Emma Peterson
'23 Big

 “I met some of my closest friends in FEST. They made me feel right at home immediately and I will never forget the memories I made. Everyone is so awesome and will always help you out with whatever, whenever you need and its a great experience!” 


Emmanuel Mendoza
'23 Big

"FEST helped me really break out of my shell and I created lifelong friends and had so many awesome experiences. I knew that no matter what event I was going to, whether a weekly org meeting, or a committee get-together, a volunteering event, or the legendary Shack-a-Thon, if my FESTies were there, I knew it was going to be a blast!"


'23 Director

"FEST has helped me grow more confident with the help of these amazing festies who have grown to feel like family to me! My freshman year of college truly would not have been the same without them!" 


Emme Veselka
'23 Big

"FEST is where I’ve made some of my closest friends and best memories. You’ll find people who’ll be there for you through thick and thin, and have a ton of fun!"


Ethan Langford
'23 Director

“Freshman year can be scary. You don’t really know what you’re doing and you’re in a completely new environment. Having people you can rely on will help tremendously when you’re navigating your first year. Whether it’s helping the community through service projects, competing for glory in all FLO sports tournaments and intramurals, or just staying up late with your new found friends, FEST can be a pillar you lean on for help and will be the place you call a home away from home”

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